4 Features & 9 Benefits of TimeLive Web Timesheet

May 5, 2020
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TimeLive is an Online Timesheet software developed by LiveTecs. You can use it to monitor organizational expenses and employee performance by tracking staff working hours and productivity efficiently and accurately. It also helps you to generate reports quickly and remotely for effective human capital management.

TimeLive Web Timesheet Enterprise Version (Unlimited Users)

TimeLive is the best time and expense management tool, thanks to its outstanding features, which include:

1. Timesheet Tracker

  • Email alerts & reminders – Create customized emails to remind your employees about pending timesheet and also remind managers to work on pending approvals.
  • Customized reports – Get detailed and summarized reports online, which you can customize using filters.
  • Custom periods – Customize timesheet periods to give you daily, weekly, semi-monthly, and even bi-weekly reports.
  • Customized approval process– Create approval paths in TimeLive according to your firm’s hierarchy.
  • Policy setups – Customize policies in line with your human resource department, including minimum and maximum hours per day or per period.
  • Audit trail – TimeLive allows you to monitor changes made to every timesheet.
  • Easy access – You can access TimeLive from anywhere in the world using your preferred browser.
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2. Expense Tracker

  • Expense entries – Input project expenses through a tracking sheet, allowing you to view costs per task. You can also set the mileage for your firm’s expenses
  • Approval processes – Customize approval paths to include multiple layers of approval for specific projects and employees.
  • Multi-currency – Input your expenses in multiple currencies and use the day’s conversion rate to reduce the hustle of manual conversions.
  • Tax calculator – Use your region’s tax policy to customize the calculation for your firm’s taxes due.
  • Expense receipts & reports – Allows you to review and approve receipts and generate customized reports.
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3. Time & Expense Billing

  • Billing rate setup – Input personalized billing rates to compute clients’ invoice amounts.
  • Real-time reports & analysis – Generate outputs to see time or expense already billed or pending billing.
  • Customized logo & footers – Displays custom-made company footers and logos on the invoice.
  • Multi-currency – Enter expense data in multiple currencies and bill your customers according to your preferred currency.
  • Billed/unbilled status: View assigned status distinguishing between billed and to-be-billed clients.
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4. Time Off/Leaves

  • Accrued time off – Customize time-off policies to view and allocate earnings and accruals per period (monthly, annually, etc.).
  • Reschedule – You can reset or carry forward time off balances.
  • Customized approval process – Create approval paths for time-offs as per your organization’s human resource policy.
  • Email alerts & reminders – Managers receive automated notifications for pending approvals.
  • Customized reports – Use filters to generate time-off reports per period.
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Benefits of Using TimeLive

  • Accessible on mobile app
  • Can be hosted on your company premises
  • On cloud – TimeLive is hosted and supported by Livetecs
  • Free migration – The technical team will migrate your tasks and data from the old system for free
  • Fully customizable as per your needs
  • 24×7 support hotline
  • Multi-lingual – TimeLive Timesheet Software is available in all major languages
  • Customer-friendly – it is easy to set up and can be implemented in any type or size of an organization
  • 30-day Free Trial – Try TimeLive to test its features before committing

LiveTecs’ TimeLive is a simple-to-use tool for managing time and expenses for your organization’s tasks. Keep track of your staff performance and save costs from efficient, effective, and smart project-management. Get a Free Trial or Buy Now.

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