How to Effortlessly Connect with Gen Z in the Workplace – 5 Tips

March 22, 2023
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Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to the age group of individuals born between 1997 and 2012. While the millennials represent about 22% of the workforce, Gen Z is quickly catching up at 20%.  

As time goes by, more and more members of Gen Z will join the workplace. This means that businesses need to understand the values and preferences of this demographic group in order to effectively attract, engage, and retain them. 

This article discusses what you need to know and understand about Gen Z in the workplace.

How to Connect with Gen Z Workforce – Common Traits

Gen Z is the newest generation to enter the workforce, bringing different expectations and values to previous generations. 

Understanding these attributes will help you connect with this generation effectively.

1. Work-Life Balance and Personal Well Being

Are you aware that Gen Z thinks differently regarding employee benefits? They place great value on paid time off, mental health days, and activities that create a sense of community. 

If you are looking to attract and retain top talent from this generation – and avoid quiet-quitting – you need to think beyond traditional benefits and consider what you can offer to promote their well-being and healthy lifestyle. 

Building a sense of community within your organization is important, and digital platforms can be valuable tools for promoting positive interactions and communication between employees. 

When Gen Zers feel surrounded by like-minded people who share their purpose, work becomes less of a job and more fulfilling.

2. Gen Z Wants Tech, Healthcare, Remote Work

A recent study has shown that the Gen Z workforce shares similar career aspirations with their older peers, the Millennials. According to the research, the fields of business, healthcare, and technology are the most appealing to them, while manufacturing and retail are not their top picks.

When it comes to technology, Gen Z is particularly drawn to jobs in the areas of software development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Millennials were introduced to the internet during their formative years, while Gen-Z has never known a world without it. Interestingly, this new generation prefers working in larger, decentralized organizations where communicating with colleagues can be challenging and jobs that allow them to work remotely outside of an office environment.

Gen Zers are interested in emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Since they are used to staying connected through their mobile devices, they require easy access to information and communication in the workplace.

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3. Gen Z Wants To Know About Work Expectations

As Gen Z enters the workforce, they want to feel deeply connected to their work and know their time and effort are meaningful. Unfortunately, many organizations are falling short when communicating expectations to their employees. 

In fact, according to Gallup, only 6 out of 10 people feel like they understand what is expected of them at work. Many employees don’t feel like their job is important, have a manager who cares about them, or have the chance to do their best every day. 

Even fewer feel like they have someone at work who encourages their development. 

So, what can organizations do to better meet the expectations of Gen Z? 

For starters, they must launch initiatives reinforcing the company’s mission and show employees how their role contributes to achieving goals. 

It is also important to provide easy access to information and resources and to create a platform for two-way dialogue between employees and leadership. By fostering a greater understanding of expectations in the workplace, organizations can help Gen Z feel more connected to their work and set the stage for a successful future.

4. Limited Trust

It seems like Gen Zers are generally skeptical and don’t easily trust others. This might be because they have grown up in a time where there’s so much false information going around, and they don’t trust the people who are supposed to be leading them. 

Plus, all the negativity they see in the media and social media can’t be helping. It’s not surprising that less than half of them say they’re very trusting. This skepticism might also explain why they are cautious at work and might not trust their coworkers or employers immediately. 

They are also careful not to let their emotions interfere with their job.

So, what does Gen Z want from their employer? 

Well, they want their bosses to be honest with them. They want to be kept in the loop and know what is happening. 

They expect their leaders to communicate with them directly, using their phones or other devices. And they are used to getting information through videos, even if they’re not fancy. As long as it feels authentic, they appreciate it.

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5. Diversity and Inclusion 

What Gen Zers want – Image Credit:

Workplace diversity and inclusion are essential components of a healthy and thriving workplace. Diversity refers to differences in age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and cultural background. On the other hand, inclusion is the active process of creating a work environment that values and respects all employees, regardless of their differences.

For Gen Z, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are a way of life. This generation has grown up in a world where diversity is the norm, and they expect the workplace to reflect this reality. 

They are more likely to seek out companies committed to workplace diversity and inclusion, and they are more likely to leave companies that fail to live up to these values. They are unafraid to speak out against discrimination and inequality and expect their employers to do the same.

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Understanding Gen Z is crucial for businesses that want to attract and retain top talent from this demographic group, especially over the next 10 years. Gen Z values work-life balance, personal well-being, technology, remote work, clear communication, and workplace diversity and inclusion. Companies must also recognize the importance of digital communication to this demographic group. 

This generation is accustomed to using technology to stay connected, informed, and engaged, and employers must leverage digital tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, and learning. 

The Gen Z workforce is passionate about social justice issues and expects employers to share in their values and actively promote diversity and inclusion. Failure to do so can lead to disengagement, high turnover, and damage to the company’s performance and reputation.

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